Building a Podcast Boom Mic

I record a podcast with some friends. I realized that the built in mic in my MacBook Pro was not able to capture the high quality audio I was looking for. I bought the A Blue Snowball Mic which is a nice bang for the buck. The only drawback is the short stand it comes with, which doesn’t let you sit up straight at a desk and get close enough to the mic for the best audio quality. Solution: Hack a boom out of a desk lamp.

You’ll need:

A Blue Snowball Microphone

A cheap desk lamp

A pop filter The Blue mic works best if you get right up close. This will cause your ‘P’ sounds to make a pop.

Cut the cord out of the (unplugged) lamp. Removed the bolt which holds the actual lamp assembly to the arm and set it aside, along with the nut if present.

Unscrew he Blue microphone from its tripod base, making sure to leave the 2” peg inserted into the bottom of the mic.

Place the peg into the triangular space vacated by the lamp assembly. You can insert some padding around the peg to offer grip. I used a piece of cardboard.

Replace the bolt/nut and tighten. It should grip the peg and hold the mic in place. Adjust and improvise to make it fit snugly

Plug the USB cable into the back of the mic and secure to the arm. Make sure to leave a little play for the articulation of the mic and the arm joints.

Secure arm to the table, attach the pop filter and plug the usb cable into your machine. Now you have a cheap, quick, improvised boom mic that you can fold away and deploy as needed.