Lower back rehab

Earlier this year I started waking up to brutal lower back pain. I went to a spinal specialist at the behest of my fiancee and learned that I’ve been suffering from what he termed a ‘Pars Fracture’. I got a prescription for physical therapy and started work that week. There’s not much to do about the actual injury, but my therapist told me that a stronger core would help manage the discomfort. Long story short, when I do these workouts, the night pain goes away. They look easy, but they are legit.

Cartoons are courtesy of my therapist. One thing to focus on is drawing the belly button as much as possible. It was described to me as pulling it toward the spine.

Start with some light cardio to warm up, then stretch, focusing on the hamstrings, hip flexors and IT bands:

Move into these core strengthening moves, being sure to draw the belly button in.

If you have access to a bosu ball and/or small medicine ball, add these stability moves: